Animosities – Bitter  hattred

Apprehend – To understand

Collateral – Accompanying; additional

Deference – Respect; courteous regard

Deplorable - Regrettable

Desponding – To become disheartened or discouraged.

Effectual - effective

Encumbrance – Burden or obstacle

exact (v.) – To force payment

expedients – adj. Advantageous; convenient –n A means to an end

idolatrous – Worshipping idols

Importuning – To ask repeatedly and insistently

Inclemencies – Severity; harshness

Parsimony – Great economy; frugality

Prodigious - Enormous

Professed – declared openly, To affirm openly

Proficiency – Skill; competence

Prolific – Producing a great deal

Raiment - Clothing

Repine – To feel discontented

Rudiments – First principle or stage of doing something

Scrupulous – Highly principled