Romeo and Juliet

Act III Review

Group 1

Extreme emotional stress is very difficult to handle.  We are all confronted with stress at one time or another.  In your group, decide what stresses Juliet experiences in Act III, scene 2.  How does she deal with them:  Cite lines that support your input.




Group 2

Make a list of any words or phrases that you particularly like from Juliet's speeches in Act III, scene 2.  How are these instances typical or atypical of Juliet?




Group 3

Is Juliet's state of mind in scene 2 the same as Romeo's state of mind in scene 3?  Compare and contrast the two characters in this respect.



Group 4

In your group, discuss the reason why Romeo contemplates suicide in scene 3.  What advice would you give to him at this point?  As a friend, how would you present the advice to him and make him feel better?



Group 5

Friar Laurence does not seem to be getting the response he wants from Romeo in scene 3.  decide what is wrong with the Friar's initial approach and discuss how, by the scene's end, Romeo seems more hopeful.