For Study and Discussion

page 480 #'s 1-6

1a. Two visits to the Wye River Valley

1b. "Five years have passed."

1c. "Again,"   "once again."

1d.  Wordsworth is under a tree on a cliff overlooking a valley.He sees cottages, orchards, farms.

2a. Even though far away from the scene, he was not blind to its beauty; he could picture it in his mind.

2b. The memory of scene is less important than what its beauty has come to mean.  His eyes have been opened to Nature's deeper meaning, giving him greater insight.

2c. More concerned with how the memory of the scene has influenced his life.

3a. Seems to be referring to everyday scenes that become oppressive.

3b. Thoughts of Tintern Abbey have become a refuge from dark and joyless world.

4a. Pure animal energy; taking pleasure in nature without meditation;  meditation and recognition of divine spirit in all living things.

4b. As a boy,  he was full of energy; as a young man his pleasure in natural beauty was sensory;  now he is in communion with nature.

4c. Loss of innocent pleasure of past; recompense is wisdom and insight.

5.  We bring to our experience of nature what is in our imagination.

6a. Her pleasures are like his former pleasures.

6b. Perhaps he has been lost in thoughts;  recalls he is not alone.

6c. Possible answers Her "wild eyes" indicate she is following in his footsteps.

6d.  Perhaps his own death.