Macbeth Act I

Writing Assignment for Act I

Final Draft due: November 22, 2005

Grading 50 pts.

Typed, Double spaced, Organization,Creativity,Demonstrates an understanding of Macbeth

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation counts


Assignment Choices:

1. Choose a quote from Act I which you think captures the mood and theme of MacbethExplain why you chose the quote and cite examples from the play which helps to explain the quote.


2. The Missing scene.  Write a new scene that could be inserted into the first act. ( Ideas: What the witches said after Macbeth left, what Banquo tells his wife about the witches' prophecies for him and Macbeth.  Macbeth's conversation with Duncan before he murders him).  Be sure to write this in script format, using stage directions if any are necessary!

3. You are the casting director for a film on Macbeth.  Which actors  and actresses would you hire to play the parts?  Explain what type of person you'd need for each character and why you think the actors'actresses you've chosen would perform the parts well, giving examples from their work in modern movies.

4.  You've been hired to be in charge of props for a production of Macbeth.  What props will you need for Act I?  Which are the most important?  How do these props symbolize some of the larger issues in the play?

5.  Congratulations!  You finally made it big as a Hollywood writer. and you've been hired to write a modern Macbeth type story to be made into a movie.  Your bosses say it needs to be set in modern times, with modern characters and situations, but the basic plot needs to be the same as Shakespeare's.