Great Expectations

Summary Chapters 1-5

In the churchyard on Christmas Eve, Pip encounters a convict who frightens him and demands his help.  Early the next morning Pip steals food from his home, takes a file from his brother-in-law's forge, and returns to the marshes.  As the convict devours the food and brandy, Pip startles him by mentioning seeing a second convict.  Once he returns home, Pip sits down to Christmas dinner that his sister, Mrs. Joe, has prepared for her guests.  When Pumblechook chokes on the brandy Pip diluted with tar-water and Mrs. Joe cannot find a pork pie, Pip fears his theft will be discovered.  The arrival of soldiers, who want some handcuffs repaired, distracts everyone.   Joe and Pip follow the soldiers onto the marshes, where both convicts are apprehended.  Pip's convict is content to give up his freedom as long as the second convict is caught.  Later, to protect the boy, Pip's convict says he stole some things from the forge.