Satan                     Beelzebub

1) Rewrite in modern English Beelzebub's response to Satan.

2) What do each of these sets of lines reveal about either of these                  characters?

(PAGES 310-311)

lines 143-145  Characterization :continues to think it is merely God's strength (not his goodness) that overcame them.  The most serious sin found in hell is pride. (Beelzebub)

lines 157-165  Characterization: Cast into irrevocable ruin, Satan realizes God may still use him for good, so he is determined to sabotage God's every plan.  while Satan claims that to do ill will be their delight (l. 160)  Milton makes it clear there is no delight in Hell.  Satan's pain is unrelenting and eternal. (Satan)

lines 180-184  Imagery : Because it is spoken by Satan, vivid description of Hell gains added force.

lines 198-202  Allusion: References to classical mythology.  As with most Renaissance writers, the classical world is part of Milton's world view.

line 210          Paradox: Milton employs another paradoxical image to describe Hell.  Normally lakes don't burn.

lines 211-213  Meaning: Crucial; Satan can act only if Heaven permits it.

lines 216-218  Irony : Though the outcome is hard to foresee at this point, Milton reminds the reader that God will make Satan's rebellion and fall "bring forth infinite goodness, grace and mercy."