All In Green Went My Lord Riding

by e.e. cummings


Interpretation: In medieval ballads, the words hunting, chasing, and capturing are all associated with love.  Is any similar language employed today when discussing romance--do people still capture each other's hearts, for instance?  As you read this poem you should consider it first on a literal level.  Paraphrase each stanza.  When you have finished your reading, compare your paraphrases and discuss how the poem might be interpreted, particularly the last line.


Summary:  The speaker in the poem, a woman, describes her lover's morning hunt.  Using sinister hounds, he flushes and kills several deer, doe and buck alike.  The last two lines indicate, depending on the reader's interpretation, that the speaker is hunted and killed by her love, or that she has been pursued and won by a man whose cruel nature she had not seen before.