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If you would like to have your scholarship checked over by your guidance counselor please have it to the guidance office at least 1 week prior to the due date.

Students are responsible for the mailing of all scholarships, college applications, etc. if you have any questions or concerns regarding this please see your guidance counselor.

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Yellow highlighting indicates that the scholarship information is updated for 2018 graduates

May 7 Salute to Labor Scholarships
Students who are union member or the children of parents or guardians who are Union Members   Application
May 9 AGATI Laborers Local Union #322
$1,500/year -
4 years
The child of or spouse of a current, retired, disable or deceased member of the former Local 322 or Local 186   Application
May 12 Dr. Robert & Mary MacDonald Scholarship
Students studying medicine or preparing to study medicine Medicine Application
May 13 Marion A. Sampson Memorial Scholarship
Senior planning to pursue a degree in Nutritional Science, Dietetics, Food Service Administration, Behavioral Nutrition .  Nutritional Science, Dietetics, Food Service Administration, Behavioral Nutrition Application
May 15 Adirondack Regional Federal Credit Union/ Donald DeVirgeles Memorial Scholarship
1 @ $1,000
1 @ $500
4 @ $250
Must be pursuing a degree in math/ business and hold cumulative GPA of
80% or higher. Essay required.
May 15
Plattsburgh Fire Dept. Local 2421 I.A.F.F. Scholarship
Preference will be given to dependants of the PCFD Local 2421. If there are not any dependants, student who apply and are seeking education in public service will be given priority based on merit   Application
May 15 Plattsburgh Fund for Excellence in Memory of Jennifer L. Welch Scholarship
2 @ $500
Senior planning to major in journalism, elementary education, or early childcare. Cumulative grade point average must be at least 85% or higher.  Journalism/
Elementary Ed/
May 15 Plattsburgh City School District Federal Credit Union - Frank Paro Scholarship
The applicant must be enrolled in an accredited two or four year college or
technical institute for a full year with the intent to complete requirements
for a post-secondary program of education.
May 15 Plattsburgh Teachers' Association Memorial Scholarship
Amount varies
For Senior students planning to further their studies.   Application
May 15 Charles and Julia Harrington Scholarship
Applicant must plan to attend Cornell, Dartmouth, Williams College, Colgate, Hamilton, St. Lawrence, Clarkson or UVM   Application
May 20 Sean P. McCullough Scholarship
By nomination only, this award is for a graduating senior who is a member of the track team that demonstrates high academic achievement and strong character.   Application
May 20 Mitchell Kilkeary Memorial Scholarship Award
4 year combined GPA of 80 or greater - participation in Plattsburgh High School Varsity Soccer or Baseball/Softball and/or at least two year of participation in PHS Drama Club and/or at least two years of participation in the PHS Chorus.   Application
May 20 Justin Vasquez Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to a student with at least an 85% average who has participated in at least 2 years of drama club and/or 2 years of band/chous/jazz   Application
May 22 B. Davis Scholarship
All High School juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post-secondary institution. Essay required   Application
May 24 PHS Booster Club Award
Amount varies
Senior athlete with high academic standing who plans to pursue higher education and shows leadership skills and pride in his/her school.   Application
May 30 AAA Northway Scholarship
GPA of 85 or higher,   pursuing travel-related or automotive services related degrees and attending SUNY Plattsburgh, Adirondack, Hamilton-Fulton- Montgomery BOCES or Schenectady Community College   Application
May 30 Plattsburgh Moose Lodge 2390 Scholarship
$500 (2)
All seniors that have a parent or guardian who is a member of the Plattsburgh Moose Lodge 2390 are eligible to apply   Application
May 30 PHS CSO Good Citizenship Scholarship
The scholarship will be awarded at the PHS Graduation. Applicants must be eligible to graduate and must model good citizenship; there is no minimum GPA. The graduate may be planning to pursue a college or technical degree or to join the workforce after graduation.    Application
May 31 The Single Parent Scholarship

-Must be a single parent or child of a single parent to apply
- Must have a minimum 3.0 GPA

May 31 Brian G. LaDue Memorial Scholarship Sponsored by the Northern Home & Lifestyle Association
2 @ $500
Applicant must be a child of an employee who works for a local company that is an ABA member. Must plan to pursue vocational training or college.    Application
May 31 Fraternal Order of Police, Northern Adirondack Lodge 999
2 @ $250
Graduating Senior planning to attend school to study Criminal Justice.   Criminal
June 1 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commission in memory of Jacqueline Creed Archer
High School Senior planning to attend a post-secondary institution   Application
June 1 The Agricultural & Industrial Fair of Clinton County Inc
2 @ $200
High School Senior who is active at the Clinton County Fair or 4-H or FFA   Application
June 1 Price Chopper Scholarships
2 @ $5,000
2 @ $2,000
Various qualifications for each scholarship - see their website for details   Application
June 1 John W. Gallagher, Ed.D., Community School Scholarship
Cumulative GPA of 85% required   Application
June 1

Herb and Nan Newlove Humanities Award

This award is given to a graduating senior who intends to pursue a career within the Humanities discipline, (the Arts, Music, or Literature.) Arts, Music,
or Literature
June 1 Champlain Valley School Counselor Assoc. Scholarship
Senior planning to enter into a human services field upon completion of college. Students planning to major in counseling, psychology, social work, or a related field are preferred.  Human
June 1 The Michael Lawson Memorial Scholarship Award
Applicants must be in good academic standing, carrying a minimum 85% average, represent good citizenship, preferably attend CV-TEC and play a sport (preferably, but not limited to basketball). The student must be accepted into and planning to attend an accredited two- or four-year college, or a trade or technical school, on a full-time basis, with intent to complete requirements for a post-secondary program of education, after graduating from PHS.   Application
June 4 Clinton County Board of Realtors Scholarship
Scholarships for a Graduating Seniors in Clinton County planning to attend college or a technical school.
June 8 Northern Home & Lifestyle Association - (The Adirondack Builders Association)
2 @ $500
This scholarship is open to all dependent students whose parents are a member of NHLA or their parent's place of employment is a member.
June 14 Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants
up to $1,000
The A&F Scholarships are available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution.
June 12 CSEA Local 810 Scholarship
Varies up to $500
To be eligible for this scholarship a student must be the dependent of a dues paying member of the Clinton County School and Municipal Employees Local 810 CSEA   Application
Awarded in June

Brian P. Mehan Memorial Scholarship

By nomination only. Senior Boy or Girl, Must Attend 2 or 4 Year College, Must Have Participated in 3 Sports over 4 Years of High School, Must Have a Solid 80-85 Average    
Awarded in June

Marguerite Clark Scholarship

By nomination only. Senior Boy or Girl, Must Attend 2 or 4 Year College    
Awarded in June Barker Memorial Award
By nomination only, students who have the highest average in foreign language are selected for this award.  Foreign
Awarded in June Frank A. Cooper History Award
By nomination only, this award will be presented to a student who has at least 85% average in History courses, demonstrates citizenship and patriotism. History none
Awarded in June Glens Falls National Bank Scholarship for Math
By nomination only, this award is presented to the senior who has the highest 4 year average in mathematics.    none
Awarded in June Joyce H Mischler Memorial Award
By nomination only, this award is presented to an outstanding business student who also demonstrates integrity, conscientiousness, and a pleasant personality.  Business none
Awarded in June Carl Sorensen Award for English
By nomination only, students who have the highest average in English (over the course of 4 years) are selected for this award.  English none
Awarded in June Ray Sames Award
By nomination only, this is for a student who is planning to attend LeMoyne College   none
Awarded in June Rogers Memorial Award
By nomination only, this award will be presented to a senior male who demonstrates high academic standards and has participated in at least 2 sports in HS.    none
Awarded in June Geoff Duquette Scholarship
By nomination only, this award is for an athlete who has played baseball all four years of high school and also plans to continue participation in baseball after HS.   none
Awarded in June Raymond Holmes Basketball Scholarship
By nomination only, this award is for one male and one female basketball athlete.   none
Awarded in June Champlain National Bank Scholarship
By nomination only, awarded by Champlain National Bank to a graduating senior who will be attending college and plans to study finance, economics, business or math. Finance, Economics, Business or Math none
July 1 AFL-CIO “Dreams of Jobs and Freedom” Scholarship
50 @ $5,000
Applicants must be dependent children or grandchildren (as defined by IRS regulations) of current or retired members of AFL-CIO unions from the U.S. and its territories. Applicants may also be union members themselves or a spouse of an eligible union member.   Application
Aug. 8 Northeast Central Labor Council Award
Dependant of a union member in good standing, belonging to the Northeast Central Labor Council   Application
October 31 Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship
varies - up to $20,000
Senior sStudents carrying a minimum 3.00 GPA at the end of their junior year of high school are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, and their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities.   Application
Nov. 27 Elks National Foundation - Most Valuable Student
500 scholarships
Scholarship, leadership and financial need   Application
December 15 AXA Achievement Scholarship
$2,500, $10,000 or $25,000
Are you active in your community? Have you led or initiated a project that benefits others? Have you overcome personal challenges or difficulties to achieve your goals? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes" then you may already be an AXA Achiever.   Application
January 1  National Wild Turkey Federation Academic Scholarship Program Local $250
State $1,000
National $10,000
Graduating seniors with a 3.0.Student must hold a current NWTF membership   Application
January 5 UFirst FCU Statewide Scholarship
High-school seniors who are members of our credit union and other participating credit unions across the state are invited to apply for scholarships to be used at two- or four-year accredited educational institutions.
To be eligible, students must be college-bound high-school seniors at the time of application, attending college for the first time in the fall of 2017.
Jan. 15 Live Out Loud
4 @ $2,500
College-bound Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender high school seniors who have a strong capacity to “Live Out Loud” and who demonstrate leadership skills at their school and in their community.   Application
Jan. 15 Statewide Credit Union Association Scholarships - UFirst Federal Credit Union
$500 or $1,000
Applicant must be a member of a participating New York credit union   Application
January   Army ROTC Scholarship Full scholarship tuition & books High School Juniors that are considering college and military service should apply for this scholarship that will pay all tuition and fees, book money, and a stipend.   Application
Jan. 31 Union Plus Scholarship Program
several from $500 to $4,000
Children of CSEA union members. The individual must be accepted into an accredited college, university,
community college or technical or trade school. Graduate students are eligible.
Applicants are evaluated according to academic ability, social awareness, financial need and appreciation oflabor and are judged by a committee of impartial post secondary educators.
Feb. 3 Elks Foundation Legacy Award
Must be a child, grandchild, step-child, step-grandchild or legal ward of a living Elk.   Application
Feb. 28 New York Water Environment Association Scholarship
2 - children of NYWEA members
2 - students at a college with an NYWEA chapter
2 - students in a college program related to the environment
March 1 American Legion Auxiliary Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior Members
for 4 years
Senior student who was a junior member of the American Legion Auxiliary for at least the past three years (membership must still be current)   Application
March 3 ARC Foundation Scholarship
2 @ $750
Download the guidelines
March 3 Joyce Ashe Scholarship Fund

Applicant may be a graduating high school senior or adult learning student who is going into a field of study that will benefit intellectually or developmentally disabled people. Applicant must be a permanent resident of Clinton, Franklin or Essex County

March 3 Elaine Coffin Scholarship
Awarded to a High School student who is a resident of the North Country and plans to enter a Nursing program. Financial need considered. Nursing
March American Legion Scholarships
There are several scholarships at this link, with various qualifications.   Application
March 4 Ned Carter Association of Fire Districts of the State of New York Memorial Scholarship
4 @ $1,500

The student must be related to a Firefighter, be a Firefighter, or be an explorer in a fire dept.

March 15 Dottie Harvey Memorial Scholarship 
Must have been a Clinton County resident for the past 9 months   Application
March 31 Dannemora Federal Credit Union Scholarship
10 @ $250/yr
for 4 years
Any student in the senior graduating class of a high school, who is a current member or
whose parents/guardian is a member of Dannemora Federal Credit Union, may apply.
April 1 The Cristin Ann Bambino Memorial Scholarship
7 @ $3,000
1 @ $4,000
1 @ $5,000
For a special education student accepted to college or a university.  



April 1 The Paul Jensen Memorial Scholarship
1 @ $5,000
1 @ $3,000
The Goal of this Scholarship is to reward a student who has shown interest and promise in design.  Design 



April 13 NY State Assn of Agricultural Fairs and NYS Showpeople's Assn
7 @ $1,000
see for details   Application
April 15 Irving Flaumenbaum Memorial Scholarship, CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO
18 @
Parent must be a CSEA union member.    Application 
April 15 Pearl Carroll Scholarship, CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO
Parent must be a CSEA union member - and student must be entering the SUNY system.    Application 
April 15 Met Life Award, CSEA Local 1000 AFSCME AFL-CIO
Parent must be a CSEA union member   Application 
April 20 CVPH Health Care Scholarship
Awarded to students pursuing a degree in Nursing, Physical Therapy, or Occupational Therapy.  Nursing/
Apr. 30 Brandon Sorrell Memorial Scholarship
See for details. Frequently Asked Questions   Application
April 30 Kiwanis - Grace Belden Music Scholarship
music major who is currently a legal resident of Clinton County. and must have a high school average of 85 or higher and a record of community service Music Application
April 30 Jane Boswell Memorial Scholarship
2 @ $500
Senior planning to pursue a degree in Education.  Education Application
April 30 Bill Shene Memorial Scholarship Fund - Monaghan Medical Corporation
$2,500 & $1,000
Be a graduating senior from Plattsburgh High School who is continuing into a post secondary institution (fulltime) in one of the following fields – Science, Teaching, or HealthCare. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE 2 DIFFERENT APPLICATION FORMS BASED ON YOUR GPA. Science, Teaching or HealthCare

GPA 90%+ Application

GPA 80-89% Application

May 1 Clinton County American Legion "76" Scholarship
2 @ $200
Must be a Child/Grandchild/adopted child of members of the Clinton County American Legion or Auxiliary. Demonstrates financial need.    Application
May 1 Clinton County Canine Club Fay S. Kolz Memorial Scholarship
up to $1000
the study of animal science at a two or four year accredited professional school. Animal Science Application
May 1 Clinton County Fire Police Association Robert Berg Memorial Scholarship
Applicant must be a child or grandchild of a member of the Clinton County Fire Police Association.     Application
May 4 Sara S. Vert
Student Aid Fund
Need based scholarship.   Application
May 4 Harry E. Knight Scholarship
Need based scholarship - must attend Cornell University   Application
May 4 New York State Retired Teachers Association Scholarship, Dr. Karl and Ruth Kramer
2 @ $500
Must be pursuing a career in the education field. Education Application
May 4 Seacomm Scholarship Fund
10 @ $500
High School Senior with a GPA of 85 or higher, must be a member, or son/daughter/legal ward of a member of the SeaComm Federal Credit Union Application