High School Academics

Course Descriptions
This is a link to a list of courses that are offered in each academic department. You will be able to read a short description of each course. Accessing this information before you meet with your counselor at the end of the school year will help you plan out a solid academic plan for the upcoming year.

Course Request Sheet
This form is used during course planning sessions between the student and counselor. It is formatted to show the course offerings, by academic department so that you know what is available in the upcoming year. You may want to glance at this to get an idea of what courses you might be interested in taking in the future.

Graduation Requirements
The graduation requirements listed in this section are the state generated requirements that PHS students must meet. You must have 22 credits to graduate in certain content areas as explained in this guide. This section will also help you know what you must do to obtain a Regents diploma.

Upward Bound at SUNY Plattsburgh