This course is based on two years of studies in middle school and by the end of the this level, students can comprehend simple statements and questions. They can initiate and respond to the simple face to face conversations. They can express their personal needs and compose short  messages on a very familiar topics.

By completing two units of study and passing the state’s Second Language Proficiency exam at  the end of 8th grade  or by taking this course in ninth grade and pass the final exam the students will earn one high school credit.

Course Requirement &

NYS Standards


In this level students will master what they learned previously and will be able to understand and use frequently used tense forms and word order patterns in simple sentences. They can understand the essential points of discussions or presentation on familiar topics, and use word order accurately in simple sentences.

By this level students can understand essential points of discussions or presentations on familiar topics.  They can handle most communication situations with limited control over more complex structures. They can write simple notes, letters, short reports using elementary vocabulary. They can express present, future and past ideas comprehensibly. By the end of this level students will take the New York State Regents exam and by passing this test the students will be qualified for the Advanced Regents Diploma (3 high school credit in LOTE).

Students should have the following for the class:

1. The prescribed textbook.

2. A 3-ring binder for worksheets, handouts and homework.

3. Loose leaf paper for notes and homework.

4. Thin colored markers or a 4 colored pen.

5. Prescribed work book.

1. Homework and classroom participation count 15% of the quarterly average.

2. Quizzes are 25% of the quarterly average.

3. Chapter conversational and reading test are 15% of the quarterly average.

4. Chapter test is 30% of the quarterly average.

5. Composition 15%