Bailey Avenue Elementary School Spirit Page


Bailey Avenue School welcome sign
Banner designed by our former Art Teacher Mrs. Mary Gertsch-Cochran

Bailey Avenue School sign

Motto: A Place Where Hearts and Minds Can Grow
This motto says it all. We truly believe that Bailey Avenue Elementary is that special place - a magical place - where students succeed. We hope you feel the same way about our school.

Mission Statement:
We at Bailey Avenue School are an active school family working and growing together in an open, nurturing environment. Our aim is to instill in each child a desire to achieve high standards of excellence in academic, social, emotional and physical skills. These goals will enable students to function as contributing members of society.

School Song:
Click here to download the Bailey Avenue Song.
Written and sung by our students.

Bailey Avenue is the home of the Bailey Avenue Bears. "Buddy Bear" is the Bailey Avenue Mascot. This Big Loving Bear with the big giant heart is a friend to the entire Bailey Avenue School Family.
Did you know? Buddy Bear has a twin! It's Monty, the friendly mascot of Momot Elementary School.