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Plattsburgh High School

PHS Mathematics Department

Special Education Department

Chris Boule --Social Studies

Kevin Champagne--Social Studies

Jerri Charlebois--Special Education

Susan Drollette
-- PHS Chemistry

Pam Frederick -- PHS Math

Roger Lacroix -- English

Sue LaPierre--Mathematics

Sue Levaque -- Social Studies

Jenn McCoy --Special Education

Jackie Testo -- Special Education

Roderick Sherman -- Mathematics

Amy Sholtis- PHS Biology

Ali Armstrong-Zantana -- Spanish

Jila Yadollaphour -- French, Farsi

Middle School

Nona Garrand -- Voyager Science

SMS Physical Education Dept.

Elementary Schools

Jane Kinne-Bailey

Melissa Caraballo
- Momot

Pamela Blanchard - Momot

Paul Cole - Momot

Catherine Hite- Momot

Oak Street PBIS

Carol Rock - Oak Street

Sarah McCarty - Oak Street

Sue Wilson - Oak Street

Peggy Eaglefeather - Oak Street

Maureen King - Oak Street

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B. Esposito
- Oak Street School

Charles Lustig - PHS Social Studies

Directory of Faculty & Staff

Bailey Avenue School
Oak Street School
Momot Elementary School
Stafford Middle School
Plattsburgh High School


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